For four decades, Counsel have routinely entrusted LINDQUIST with highly sensitive and critical information on behalf of their clients to conduct financial investigations in a variety of domestic and international businesses and matters serving the public interest. In addition, the governments of several foreign countries have entrusted LINDQUIST with sensitive internal investigations.

Over the past forty years, the journey has taken LINDQUIST around the globe. His travel companion is unique case experience earned from the early days of forensic investigative accounting in the mid-1970s to the evolution of electronic investigative services in today’s global fact-finding missions. All the while, the quest has remained in some ways unchanged.

LINDQUIST’s case experiences reflect a financial investigative mindset that combines strong analytical abilities with an investigative intuitiveness to ferret out key issues through a detailed and determined effort.

It is his quest to provide Counsel with an unparalleled degree of confidence in all the material he provides – containing positive or negative information – from the financial world that relates directly to, and at times beyond, their clients. Successful financial investigations reflect a strategy that includes an innate understanding of business and human nature interwoven with the knowledge of fraud, corruption and accountancy.

LINDQUIST take pride in his proven ability to place himself in the mind of both the perpetrator and the victim, and in his ability to quickly develop trusting relationships with key persons.

LINDQUIST enjoys a reputation built upon a solid foundation of experience and professionalism. He looks forward to being an integral part of the team serving Counsel and their clients whether it be in a domestic or an international setting.

Within “Selected Cases” are 65 cases from the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s and 2010’s based upon an educational theme that provide insight into LINDQUIST’s case experiences, gained through a financial investigative mindset and designed to assist Counsel to resolve their clients’ business situation.