SELECTED CASES 2000 – 2009



Officially the role is known as a ‘non-testifying expert’ and practically speaking it is an investigative consulting role.   Common mandates include the commencement of an investigation based upon a client’s concern, an assessment of whether there is sufficient financial information for a considered cause of action or an assessment of the other side’s expert submission. Counsel in the Petrobras matter kindly referred to me as the ‘secret weapon’ working behind the scenes.  When it comes time for an expert financial witness, then one is then identified for that specific purpose.

During this decade the industry of forensic accounting matured, not only in terms of its various related sub-services but also now often delivered through publicly traded international firms.   The industry has for the most part lost its ‘boutique’ nature with that wording reserved for a practice such as Lindquist with its specialty being the ‘non-testifying expert’ role.

For me, the 2000 Decade has been characterized with many, many flights on usually United or American Airlines involving Brazil, Guatemala, Trinidad, Antigua, Grenada, Canada and within the United States. While at times tiring, air travel does provide an opportunity for creative work during the quiet time.  It has been very satisfying to work with many terrific Counsel and to see clients enjoy the success of a recovery of assets, Petrobras in Brazil, the Attorney Generals in Antigua and Trinidad while others such as the Gutierrez brothers in Guatemala obtained a different but equally rewarding satisfaction.  The Decade has been full of life experiences.

And speaking of life, I have been truly blessed with case experiences and personal relationships that have developed over the years, a long way from 1972, when a career as a forensic investigative accountant was unknown.  To be able to work with Counsel, particularly in other cultures has indeed been a blessing and of utmost satisfaction.