LISA vs. Juan Jose Gutierrez Mayorga, et al, Defendants, Guatemala

Financial Advisor

Egg Hunt

The first LISA, S.A. lawsuit was dated February 1998 and filed in Miami which touched off litigation between the parties in ten different jurisdictions over a ten year period. Some cases do need staying power. After the events in 1998 and 1999, Counsel required the assistance of a forensic accountant to assist their client in defending the various allegations of financial impropriety and in particular to critique the other side’s expert report. The plaintiff, a family member and a minority shareholder, alleged various claims against his fellow family members and majority shareholders. Each allegation was investigated and a response prepared to assist counsel with the various actions in multiple jurisdictions. The Supreme Court of the State of Delaware decision dated April 20, 2010 provides an outline and a little history into this matter.

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