Government of St. Lucia

Political Corruption

Firm was retained by the Attorney General of the Government of St. Lucia to address matters raised by Prime Minister Anthony in his ‘Address to the Nation on Relations with China and Taiwan’. The ‘PM’ referred to his ‘concern regarding the alleged payments made to UWP members of Parliament by the Government of Taiwan and its agents upon the establishment of diplomatic relations and during the ensuing period…I wish to indicate that the Government of Saint Lucia has engaged the services of Bob Lindquist to look at these alleged transactions…This audit will go beyond the issue of Taiwanese funds…’

The investigation has not been completed. In June 2016 an election was held and the government that had retained Lindquist lost the election. The new government has not asked Lindquist to continue. Some details are available in a Miami Herald article entitled ‘South Florida Businessman Wanted to Re-Build a Caribbean Airport. How Things Got Bundled” that is included as a PDF.

pdfView Guy Joseph on US Investigative Report

pdfA South Florida businessman wanted to rebuild a Caribbean airport. How things got bungled.