Harry Sargeant III and Mohammad Al-Saleh

Asset Search

Firm was retained by Counsel on behalf of the plaintiff, Mohammad Al-Saleh to conduct a study of the $1.5 Billion in disbursements among domestic and foreign bank accounts for the years 2006 to 2010; to determine the business reality of the movement of funds that revealed the parallel disbursement structure between the United States and Europe/Middle East; to identify potential assets related to the targets.

An overview of the process and result is presented with extracts from the following sources:

Web of 14 Lawsuits Settled Stemming from Sargeant Family Fight

By Jane Musgrave May 1, 2015

“…The bankruptcy and other litigation came on the heels of a 2011 trial that exposed Sargeant’s lucrative, dangerous and logistically complex contract with the U.S. government to deliver fuel to troops in Iraq. Already accused by a U.S. congressman of being a war profiteer, the former Marine fighter pilot was sued by the brother-in-law of Jordan’s King Abdullah II for cutting him out of the $2.7 billion venture.

At the end of a nearly month-long trial, which featured testimony from a former CIA agent who worked for Sargeant, a Palm Beach County jury ordered Sargeant to pay Mohammad Al-Saleh $29 million. Al-Saleh, who owns a house in Palm Beach and is married to the king’s sister, is still waiting to be paid the judgment which, with interest, ballooned by an estimated $10 million, according to court filings…”

Jet-Set Debt Collectors Join a Lucrative Game: Hunting the Superrich

ByMargot PatrickNov. 7, 2017

“…In October 2016, Mr. Sargeant and Mr. Al-Saleh finally met in Miami for a court-ordered mediation session. Flanked by lawyers and a Burford representative, the two men—stationed in separate rooms—hammered out a settlement: Mr. Al-Saleh would receive more than $30 million, and he would drop all litigation…Mr. Al-Saleh called the settlement a moral victory. He now splits his time between Palm Beach, London and Paris. His marriage to the king of Jordan’s half sister broke down, he said.”The only satisfying thing about this entire episode,” Mr. Al-Saleh said, “is I beat them against all odds.”

Burford Annual Report 2016

“…Thedefendant did not comply with the court order topay the judgment. Instead, using phalanxes oflawyers and multi-jurisdictional structuring, he didhis best to avoid paying while going on openlyliving in his mansion and flying in his private jet…However, we are not so easily intimidated.Thus, combining the expertise of our litigationfinance and judgment enforcement teams, wemounted our own multi-jurisdictional offense,painstakingly following the trail of the moneyand using our strategic and tactical expertise tofreeze and seize assets. Our work took us all overthe world, from Dubai to Venezuela. We litigated,froze assets or forced intermediate entities intoreceivership or bankruptcy in England, theBahamas, Canada, Florida, Texas, Delawareand Cyprus. We had sheriffs raid houses and takedepositions. There were James Bond momentsas the defendant tried to stay one step aheadby moving assets around the world and weshowed up with court orders against secret safetydeposit boxes in high-end London hotels andplanes on private airstrips…”

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