Regina vs. A. Pellizzari

Financial Institution

One Bank Manager costs $10,000

This is a case of a bank manager eager to promote his loan program to meet his business objectives. There is nothing wrong with the objective but for the receipt of funds paid by the bank manager’s client to a company owned by the manager’s wife.

Again, it is the human perspective, which requires study here, and that is why I include this case.

The client’s loan amount was $1,647,000; the six payments to the bank manager’s wife’s company totaled $10,070.18. Clearly, the year, 1980, had not been good.

Again and again, I have seen professionals sacrifice their careers for such minimal amounts. I classify such types as ‘low class’ as compared to those in the ‘high class’ who defraud for millions and put it away in offshore tax havens.

The lesson learned for the forensic accountant? Think small!

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