Regina vs. Glenn Turner, Dare To Be Great of Canada Ltd

Consumer Fraud

Dare to be Great through a Go-Tour

Known for his harelip, Mr. Turner from Florida was the owner, founder and creator of many promotion methods called such names, as

“Would I like to better myself?”

“Would I like to double my salary?”


This was my first investigation into pyramid selling. Their marketing plan claimed that for $5,000 one becomes, as they put it, an ‘Independent Sales Agent’ who would receive 40% commission on those persons one enrolls and then 20% commission when their enrollees enroll another person. Marketing involving the sale of the product (which, in this case, were tapes) was an afterthought. The cost of product sold to a new Agent was $62.59. This case became a good lesson in human greed with the prospect of easy money. As one victim said “The funds ($5,000)…were obtained from monies set aside for my children’s education by a member of my wife’s family. This has caused strained relations with my wife and her family.”

In short, another fine lesson in the study of the human element when easy money distorts a person’s common sense. What follows is fraud.