Regina vs. John Pullman (Switzerland), Roger St. Germain and Robert Keyser

Investor Fraud

Buy Stock and Rent a Corner Gas Station

Robert Keyser was the President of Aquablast Inc., and pled guilty to conspiracy to defraud European investors in a stock promotion involving a water blast industrial cleaning system in March 1977.

While renting a corner gas station in Toronto, Aquablast boasted in Europe that it had a paper value of $5 million.

My role was that of a consultant and not a witness. Accordingly, I was able to examine financial records seized in Switzerland by the RCMP from John Pullman who was the apparent moneyman for Meyer Lansky, a notorious mobster based in Florida with operations as well in New Orleans and Cuba. While their source of funds may be questionable, their use was most conservative with multi-million dollar stock holdings in blue chip NYSE companies. Like most people, these men were cautious with their investments.